PPC (Pay-Per-Click)


Ad campaigns to attract more customers not just more visitors.

Prioritising the right network for your business - e.g Search, Display, Shopping.

Interested in real life results not just reports.


Reducing wasted ad spend on unqualified website visitors.

Delivering the right ad to the most responsive audience aiming to improve sales and strengthen your business.

Caring about actually making a difference to you and your business, building trust and long term confidence.

Our Focus…

The most important step is to thoroughly understand your business. Spending as much time as it takes to understand what your business provides, helps to make sure the right network is chosen when paying to advertise on a pay per click basis.

To explain further, perhaps you have an online store that sells physical products then we'll use the power of Googles' & Bings' online shopping network.

Maybe you have a product or service that is in demand, then we'll focus on the search network for Google & Bing, or perhaps your are first to market with an inovation, then that's perfect for the image based ads on the display network.

The next step is to write compelling ads in carefully structured campaigns that engage with your potential customers and deliver those ads to people looking for and interested in what it is your business provides.

The more understanding of your business we become, the better we are able to engage with and communicate to the right audience for your business.

How You’ll Benefit…

Knowing that you have a partner working in your best interests, attracting customers to your business through a commited, interested and a commercially considered approach. Quite simply your success is our success.

Ultimate Outcomes...

Paid advertsing especially in the world of Google Ads Pay Per Click can be extremely rewarding, potentially life changing.

Paid advertising in all it's forms can also be a huge drain on resources with little positive outcome, if it's not approached from a position of knowledge and experience.

You may have already had a bad experience or perhaps your just not getting the results you'd hoped for.

Maybe this is your first foray into being an entreprenuer and if so, we can save you time, money and alot of pain.

As a Google Certified Partner, High Click Rate can provide you with peace of mind that we are at least qualified and professional.

The acid test is of course, can we deliver !

Take a step forward today and start a conversation with us, whether you're a new startup or an experienced advertiser looking for better results, we can promise a genuine commitment to achieving the results you're looking for.

Contact us today, ask for your ad account review or a new proposal, you'll quickly get a feel for whether High Click Rate is the right fit for you and your business.

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