SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Keyword Analysis
Competitor Insights
Up to 2 Landing Pages Built Per Month
2 Pages Search Engine Optimised Per Month
Page Content Production
Performance Update Monthly
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Optimal Keyword Analysis
Optimal Competitor Insights
Up to 4 Landing Pages Built Per Month
4 Pages Search Engine Optimised Per Month
Page Content Production
Optimal Link Building
Performance Update Monthly
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Superior Keyword Analysis
Superior Competitor Insights
Up to 10 Landing Pages Built Per Month
Comprehensive Site Wide SEO Per Month
Advanced Page Content Production
4 Blog Posts per Month
Superior Link Building
& Irrelevant Link Removal
Detailed Website Survey & Performance Review
Google My Business Initiaited & Revised
Competitor Analysis
Performance Update Monthly
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All tiers come with a minimum 3 month contract.

SEO - Our Focus...

High Click Rate works with small and medium sized businesses to develop their online presence through search engine optimisation (SEO). Increasing your visibility within search engines (specifically but not limited to Google) by improving your organic listings, directly impacts the amount of traffic visiting your site. Here at High Click Rate we use our wealth of experience, passion and state of the art software to work towards achieving this, maximising results at every stage.

Our Customers...

Many of the companies we work with have invested time and money in creating a great website and then understand the need to attract visitors to their website.

Search engine optimisation is one very important piece of the digital marketing puzzle and requires a great deal of time, expertise and technology to really get the best results.

Many of our customers know what the result of good optimisation is and looks like, and yet struggle to get consistent results for many reasons.

Time, knowledge and technical ability are all vital components to be successful with this important tool.

How You’ll Benefit…

Working very closely with industry experts, who have years of experience in developing engaging websites whilst simultaneously building in SEO best practices.

This is the foundation of great SEO performance, as whilst content is king, how it’s structured on your website and equally importantly how it relates to what you customers are looking for, requires research and structured copy.

Helping you co-ordinate and promote your content to optimise your websites ranking in the search listings.

In time this will support you overall web presence saving you time whilst helping to grow your business.

May I ask ?

How much time do you spend a week or month writing content, reviewing your websites keyword rankings and tracking your sites analytics.

If you’d love to spend more time but never seem to get around to doing it then you’re like most entrepreneurs, talk to us today and let’s see how we could help your business.

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