…why I do what I do

How to deliver a message, how to engage with like-minded entrepreneurs that needed more of a partner than an agency. 

Connecting with the ideal customer is easier to achieve face to face than it is electronically. Faceless websites fail to deliver, they simply lack any real empathic connection, something that most companies overlook.

I have a true passion for great retailing, and the retailer behind it, It's my pedigree, and when I stumble across a great retailer I'm keen to let them know about. 

If I can help that person translate that to the electronic world, to communicate their message with a passion, then my job is done. 

Combining the exciting but cold digital world of electronic marketing with the best that humanity can provide excites me.

Helping someone get from where they are to where they want to be, helping them understand what that looks like and plot a course for success Is a pure delight.

Connecting with like-minded people through honest dialogue and being willing to share on a more personal level. Brene Brown said that true relationships come from being open, and her talk about 'the power of vulnerability' says it all I think.

Perhaps you may know of someone that loves what they do but struggles with connecting to their ideal customers. Maybe they are finding it hard to employ and apply the digital marketing world and connect with it. 

Could it simply be down to not having enough time or battling against doing what they love and doing what they need to do?

For me it's about starting a conversation, taking some time to listen and understand. A chance to build rapport and confidence in someone to help them grow their business.

Being present, being conscious and mindful helps put the artisan back into marketing.

I'm really looking forward to the next conversation.