Six important questions you should ask before you hire a video production company

Question 1. Ask …. Do you create films or video ?

The response you receive will be very telling as to how your video will be crafted….

Will you receive a flat corporate style production or a cinematic film production that’s both intriguing to watch and timeless in its style.

Both vital qualities if you want to set yourself head and shoulders above your competitors and benefit from its message for years to come.

As well as being timeless, a cinematic approach will take elevate your business to the next level and feel next generation to the audience. Vital qualities if you are portraying your business as being professional.

Anyone can shoot a video, but shooting a film is truly an art.

Question 2. Ask …. How do you help me tell my story ?

A strong open ended question that will really test their metal.

The response you are looking for initially is a genuine interest in what you do in your business and how you believe you’d like you and your company to be perceived.

Probing questions from the video production company about what you do and why you do what you do, will indicate that they understand the core components that help build an audio visual representation, of who and what you are all about.

If the response centres around the technology they use or talk about themselves rather and how good they are, than be interested in you and your business, then it's a fair indication that they may not be able to deliver what you need to engage fully with your ideal customer.

Question 3. Ask …. Can I see examples of your previous productions for businesses like mine ?

A simple question that should be easy to answer, and if they are experienced and have listened to you, and understood what you and your business are about, then what they present should resonate with you.

Even if they don’t have a previous example they should be skilled in showing you some examples and explaining how your production would be different and why, linking it back directly to what makes you and your business different.

Question 4. Ask …. How long should my video be ?

This is a difficult one to answer and again can be quite telling in their response.

There’s no true right or wrong answer to this, however a response based on ensuring your key message is clear and your USP is delivered, which ultimately decides the length would be an encouraging one.

This with asking you how the video will be used, i.e a landing page video or instructional video, demonstrates that they are interested in delivering what will work in the chosen channel, rather than what earns them more money perhaps.

Question 5. Ask …. Should the video feature me presenting ?

A lovely question and perhaps slightly unusual, suggesting your a little more savvy than most customers.

Again no true right or wrong answer here, however it’s a psychological fact that people use emotions to help make decisions and therefore it stands to reason that you, the business owner who’s passionate about what you do, will convey your message with the greatest impact.

That being said, a respected celebrity or evocative voice over, talking about you and your business is an alternative and still effective method of delivering your message.

The key again is in the response you receive from your prospective video production company, which will contribute significantly to your reasons whether to proceed with the company or not.

Question 6. Ask …. How much should I budget for ?

Answers that are vague and revolve around phrases such as “well it really depends” after all the questions you’ve posed, should at least put you on guard.

If your video production company wants your business and has taken time to understand what you need and helped you in the process of deciding what you require, then a price should be quoted detailing what you will receive, such as ;

Standard of Picture Grade - HD / 2K 4K - Colour Cast (helps you understand the final output quality)

Amount of time filming at premises (2 hrs may deliver a 60 second final edit)

How many review edits you have before final production (a chance to tweak things)

Edit run time (length of film)

These questions aren’t designed to trip them up or catch them out and of course every company works slightly differently to another.

 It’s simply to gauge their commitment to building a story that resonates with you and your potential customers, selling your product and or services on a level that talks emotionally to you customer is the key to success.

Your un-copyable USP is you, a quality film production will maximise your message and story through you in a way that no other communication format can come close to !

These hints and tips have been gleaned from my personal experiences in tracking down the perfect film production company for my business and I hope this helps you choose the right company for you.

High Click Rate will help you define and pin point your story and represent this through a compelling audio visual experience, working closely with our associates SmokeScreen Visuals, contact us today and let's work together to create an un-copyable unique selling proposition reflecting you and your business.
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