Are You Building An Engaged Online Audience For Your Business ?

Step Up Your Digital Marketing in 2019

If you're paying to advertise your products or services online, perhaps via Google or any of the social media sites, then the importance of and the opportunity to create an audience is critical and potentially hugely rewarding.

Converting an enquiring customer into a sale on your website on the very first visit can sometimes be difficult. We tend to work our way up to a purchase, and we aren't allways ready to click on the 'buy now button' unless it's truly love at first sight!

If the search took place on a mobile device, (over 50% of searches now start on mobile phones) for a product or service you provide and you ad is shown, or maybe your Facebook ad were to show in a prospective customers news feed, and they engaged with it, then you've paid for that valuable visitor to land on your website or landing page.

It's great if they then take action.  But what if they found your business in a lunch break, or in a taxi or a train en route to an appointment, then they are highly unlikely to have enough time to fully engage with you and your business.

What if during the hustle of that day they forget about you? Well that's likely to be the last you'll see of that potential customer!

This is just one of the problems associated with a word that's causing businesses large and small the greatest headache of all – DISTRACTION!

Mobile phones and life in general are an incredibly strong source of distraction, which is why trying to stay connected with a potential customer who managed to find you is so very important.

Consider how much more effective your advertising would be if, when that potential customer returned home after a hard day, sat down after dinner, opened their laptop or switched on their tablet and saw your advert again - instantly reminding them of that great product or service your company provides.

With a little know how, you can serve your advert directly inside someone’s Facebook feed, or on a website that your customers regularly visit to buy products or perhaps research information.

Set up correctly this is just one of a large number of re-marketing tactics that helps nurture an enquiring customer, which can be achieved whilst ensuring you remain GDPR compliant and most importantly respect the privacy of your potential customer.

I dislike being hounded as much as anyone, however, a thoughtful well considered advertising campaign that cajoles me into further action is completely acceptable, and in many cases, just plain helpful in our busy lives!

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