Google Adwords, will it work for me ?

Google Adwords, pay per click advertising, will it work for my business ?

...we're all in the same business !

Gargantuan businesses to sole trader artisans across the world worship Google Adwords. So why does pay per click appear to work for some businesses and not for others ?

If your new to Google Adwords pay per click then this very question may well be on you mind, or perhaps you're a casualty of the pay per click world, having tried to no avail !

A quick search on Google reveals just as many tales of woe as over nights successes, confusing to say the least ! Gargantuan businesses to sole trader artisans across the world worship Google Adwords. So why does pay per click appear to work for some businesses and not for others ?

The answer to this is as varied in reasons as to why as there are businesses in the world, so pinpointing the answer is the challenge which Google loves to keep us all guessing at.

So let's just look at that question again, (So why does pay per click appear to work for some businesses and not for others ?) the word appear is the clue here !

All is not always as it appears with Google Adwords pay per click, what seems to be working may actually be loosing you money, what you think isn't working may not be so much to do with your Adwords account, but more to do with your website.

I've heard the statement ".... my business is different " many times over to excuse why certain marketing strategies don't work by business owners, yet since we are all in the same business then how can that be ?

Yes that's right, it wasn't a typo, we are all in the same business, the business of getting more customers, it's only the market place and what you sell that's different !

So that being true then Google Adwords will work for all businesses, right ?

In theory yes but in many cases no, and the top line reasons are that the Adwords account hasn't been setup and authored correctly, or linked to a website with landing pages that are relevant to the product or service, and matched to the customer wants and needs.

And that's just for starters, on top of those main reasons for Adwords accounts failing includes, lack of keyword research and negative keyword lists.
Dull adverts with little or no inspiration or benefits or call to action in them. 
All keywords and their relevant ads landing on the same home page which has a lovely full width & height photo on it, but nothing to do with what the customer is looking for.

And that's just the very tip of the Iceberg of doom !

Mobile devices (smart phones specifically) are fast becoming the most used used tool to search the internet, another reason why many Adwords account suffer.

This is because the ad hasn't been written or bids adjusted for mobile, and in many cases the landing page takes too long to load and hasn't been optimised (designed) for small screens.

Mobile devices are used on the go, customers have 'moments' in their day when they start searching for your product or service, perhaps lunch on the run or a quick coffee break, if you website site takes longer then 3 to 4 seconds to load after they click on your ad they will go elsewhere, bounce rate is the term, and they continue surfing the web and use a competitors site instead, disastrous.

It's like having a shop on the high street and locking the front door, the customer tries to get in but can't and walks off, if you could see how many potential customers are leaving your website you'd do something about it wouldn't you ?

Of course you would, and the good news is you can see how many people visit your site and leave without touching down on your landing page, it's under the bounce metric in Google Analytics but only if the account and website has been setup to do so.

Once you've gained valuable insights about what your potential customers are doing and how they react to your Adwords campaigns, you can then start to apply actions to convert them into paying customers.

Statics prove that only 1% of small business advertisers on Google Adwords made any changes on their account each week last quarter, which just shows the huge potential for business owners to succeed if they just spent the time woking on their account.

Books, well they're more like encyclopaedias, have been written on the subject of effective online marketing and Google Adwords strategies due to the huge number of variables and the endless array of tactics you could apply.

I've personally spent tens of thousands of pounds with Google Adwords through my own businesses and invested a huge amount of time and money in studying and learning from the very best in the online world and I recommend that each and every business owner do the same.

High Click Rate Ltd exists because not every business owner and entrepreneur has the time and more importantly the inclination to spend getting good at Google Adwords.

I'm a certified Google Adwords partner and I'm in a constant state of continual professional development in becoming ever better and expert in what I do, my associates and I work together to allow you to focus on what you do best and what you like to do.

Allowing your more time to do what you went into business for in the very first instance, which I'm sure includes freedom !

High Click Rate helps you grow your business and save you time.

Whether you're about to embark on a journey of discovery and learning and doing this all yourself or perhaps you stumbled across this blog post and already have an Adwords agency working for you I hope it at least inspires you to start or soldier on with Google Adwords, because done correctly you will reap the rewards.

Look out for the next post, "What questions should you be asking your Adwords Agency" coming soon.

Thank you for your audience,


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