High Click Rate - Digital Marketing

Our reason for being, why do we do what we do.

Your success is our success, the perfect partnership, especially when it comes to marketing your business on the internet.

High Click Rate helps small and medium sized businesses leverage the power of digital marketing.

Most of the companies we work with have successfully launched their business using traditional market methods such as print and radio.

Yet they haven’t figured out how to take the next step with digital marketing tools like social media, video, mobile and search optimisation.

We work with best-in-class partners like Google, Fountain Digital, Ditzy Media & Smokescreen Visuals.

Offering many unique tools such as, in the case of Google, robust reporting and real time campaign management.

One of our niches clients in the exhibition industry has seen a 400% growth in turnover in under 3 years since we starting working with them to grow their business.

This was a result of continual website review and development combined with an effective Google Adwords campaign supported with social media re-marketing and video presentation.

Let me ask you ?

So let me ask you, do you personally spend enough time, or perhaps invest enough in the activities required to attract more customers ?

It’s very easy to loose sight of the fact that we are all in the same business of attracting new customers, and in the market place of what we create, sell or service we provide.

High click rate provides you and your company with the leverage to quite simply get things done, make things happen and attract more customers, helping you grow your business freeing you to do more of what you do best.

Start a conversation with us today you’ll find us friendly and above all passionate, we see your success as our success, the perfect partnership !

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