Six Degrees of Separation - Web Presence Transformation - 2nd Degree

Web Presence Transformation - The Six Degrees of Separation - Degree 2

The Six Degrees of Separation In Your Business - ‘Wikipedia’ Six degrees of separation is the idea that all living things and everything else in the world are six or fewer steps away from each other.

Degree 2 - Your Website

What is a Website ? Is it lead generator or brochure for your business ?

Websites have developed tremendously over the past two decades from basic text based pages to multimedia extravaganzas.

As with all industries, the Web Design world is primarily focused on pleasing it's customers.

In most cases, pleasing their customer means creating great looking contemporary websites to showcase the customers business.

The danger of this approach is that the vast majority of websites as a result, fail to communicate quickly & succinctly to prospective customers what it is you and your business provides as regards to a solution to your customers needs.

Having less than 8 seconds, statistically speaking, to engage your website visitor & prospective customer before they leave, never to return, demands a very different approach.

You websites landing page needs to communicate an answer to their problem above the fold (no need to scroll down or navigate to multiple pages) in under 8 seconds, or at least start to build a relationship with you customer through meeting their initial needs.

So the answer to whether your website is a lead generator or a brochure is that it needs to be both, with the emphasis on lead generation.

If your website visitor has an interest in you and your business but isn’t ready to do business with you now, what then ?

Capturing your visitors email in exchange for some helpful information and feeding this automatically into an automated marketing tool, to then drip feed helpful email content helps to nurture visitors over a period of time.

This keeps you and your business up front and the first in line in the mind of your prospective customer for the future, when they maybe ready to do business with you.

This all needs to be fully automated for you so you can focus on what you do best.

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