Six Degrees of Separation - Web Presence Transformation - 3rd Degree

Web Presence Transformation - The Six Degrees of Separation - Degree 3

The Six Degrees of Separation In Your Business - ‘Wikipedia’ Six degrees of separation is the idea that all living things and everything else in the world are six or fewer steps away from each other.

Degree 3 - Your Website - Video (film) Engagement

People buy from people and we are creatures that make decisions based on our emotions, studies have proved this beyond any reasonable doubt.

If I feel comfortable in someones presence whom I haven’t met before, it’s because I connect with them in some way, it’s easy to communicate and relate back them.

That interaction or process of connecting with someone can be extremely difficult to achieve through your website.

As you know visitors to your website are simply viewing a page, with we hope, some text or images relating to the problem or need they are trying to solve or fulfil.

And that’s fine, but they don’t really get a feel for you or your business, your energy and enthusiasm or passion for what you do.

Film (more than video) helps bridge the gap between a one dimensional computer screen and real life, greatly improving the relationship building and emotional connection with your customers.

Helping them decide if you are a right fit for them, one giant step forward towards becoming a customer.

Film as opposed to video, tells a story in an emotionally engaging and timeless fashion, video tends to be instructional, far less engaging and can appear dated very quickly.

Sounds expensive, well you may be surprised, and the return on your investment will make it insignificant in the long term.

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