Six Degrees of Separation - Web Presence Transformation - 4th Degree

Web Presence Transformation - The Six Degrees of Separation - 4th Degree

The Six Degrees of Separation In Your Business - ‘Wikipedia’ Six degrees of separation is the idea that all living things and everything else in the world are six or fewer steps away from each other.

4th Degree - Website Traffic - SEO - Search Engine Optimisation

Google has achieved search engine domination by delivering highly relevant results to the end user.

The end user being your potential customer looking for perhaps a product or service you provide.

To be held as highly relevant in Googles' eyes for your product or service, then your website needs to provide content relevant to your product and or service, and as important, present it correctly.

If your website isn’t structured correctly from a technical point of view, then it is very hard for the search engines to find, read and store, information on your products or services.

This will definitely lower your natural, organic (free) search engine results, meaning your product or service may not ever see page one of the results presented online.

The further down the page rankings you go, the lower the chances are that you will connect with a potential customer.

So why not just focus on Google Adwords Pay Per Click, surely you can then save yourself the time not having to worry about search engine optimisation.

It’s certainly a strategy that many business owners adopt, however when great SEO is combined with great Adwords strategies, the results are exponential.

The reason is once again relevance, if you have a highly relevant well structured website with a highly relevant well structured Google Adwords account, your quality score improves which drives lower cost per click and higher page rankings and therefore more high intent visitors, potential customers to your site.

So you see SEO is very much a part of your marketing mix, a necessary ingredient in the recipe for online marketing success.

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