Six Degrees of Separation - Web Presence Transformation - 5th Degree

Web Presence Transformation - The Six Degrees of Separation - 5th Degree

The Six Degrees of Separation In Your Business - ‘Wikipedia’ Six degrees of separation is the idea that all living things and everything else in the world are six or fewer steps away from each other.

5th Degree - Website Traffic - Social Media - Facebook, Twitter, Linked In etc

I’m sure you are very well aware of the power that social media has in creating a dialogue between you, your business and your customers.

When we talk about your marketing mix and the recipe for success, social media is another must have ingredient.

Like many things in life, some people get on well with social media, they understand how to use the platforms and how to leverage it’s ability to reach new customers, others struggle due to the myriad of options and settings and lack of clarity as to how it all works !

You can use the organic method, Facebook for an example, simply setup your business page, create a status update with your content, upload an image or even a video and post to your friends.

If you have a strong network of fans of your business then they will be very likely to like and share your content, creating that viral exponential effect as they re-broadcast, so to speak, your message to their network of friends, and the process repeats itself, hopefully !

The keyword is hopefully, sometimes for any number of reasons your post doesn’t quite hit the mark, you may have noticed if you are a veteran in social media, that your posts aren’t quite getting the response they used to.

It’s clear that all of the social media platforms prioritise a paid traffic model, Facebook in particular will review your post and recommend you boost, for a fee, your add to reach more people and in many cases it’s a very cost effective means of increasing leads for your business.

The challenge is of course implementation, to help you here’s a link to a highly respected business detailing the top 10 Facebook advertising features.

High Click Rate helps it’s customers develop a strong online presence including social media and if you’d like us to help, start a conversation with us today.

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