Intelligent Web Design

If you build it they will come, especially if it looks amazing !

Well actually it’s not that simple, let me explain….

The internet of today helps us all find information products and services that solve a particular need or problem we have, and we can do it on the move with a mobile smart phone.

The word mobile device has recently shaken things up, however let me come back to that shortly.

Many websites today are simply online brochures extolling at best your companies products or services together with an about us page and maybe a location map.

To thrive, websites now need to engage potential customers quickly, less than eight seconds if you believe the statistics.

8 seconds to captivate and engage your visitor before they leave, never to return.

Engage means get them to take action, click on your call to action whatever that may be, ie. request a call back, or sign up for your website review.

Your websites goal now is not just to provide information about your business, but one that generates leads from visitors showing an interest in, and therefore highly likely to become customers.

Your website now needs to help you build remarketing opportunities through capturing name and email address as much as possible and building lists to re-serve you companies adverts to through social media and related websites.

Coming back to the word mobile device and everything changes !!

Your website now needs to be responsive to ensure it displays correctly and loads quickly, otherwise you’ll loose half of the visitors and potential customers for those reasons alone.

Before you sign on the dotted line, ask your web designer about engagement and lead generation supported by remarketing and listen to the response.

Talk to your web designer about mobile responsive design and make sure you feel confident that you website will not only look good but will also generate leads for your business.

Without it you may just end up with an expensive online brochure !

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